Kwame Kilpatrick Admits He Spread Political B.S. as State Lawmaker, Urges People to 'Resist' Hateful Campaign Messages

April 23, 2024, 2:32 PM by  Allan Lengel

Kwame Kilpatrick in Instagram message

Ex-Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has message on Instagram:

"Political Season is thinking time! Refuse to emotionalize this moment. Billions of dollars are being spent to make you hate each other. RESIST! THINK!"

In a video posted with that message, Kilpatrick talks about going to a Kroger and hearing two people argue over politics and almost come to blows. 

"Both of them were espousing these ideas that were absolutely not true. Listen, most of you all in these arguments with your family and friends and everywhere else...you just arguing about stuff they told you to say.  You don't even know it's true at all."

He said he speaks from experience. He mentions the politcal b.s. he peddled when he was in the state Legislature in Lansing, before becoming Detroit mayor. Kilpatrick was the minority floor leader for the Michigan Democratic Party from 1998 -2000 and House minority leader in 2001.

"When I was running the statewide campaign for the Democratic Caucus... I would put commercials in northern Michigan that say 'we got to stop the giant sucking sound from Detroit, they taking all our money.' They wasn't taking nothing from them people, but I needed my candidate to win so he could vote for me and I could be the leader... I had to repent for this in prison. I repented for this."

So, this campaign season, he says don't buy into everything politicians are peddling.

"Stop the foolishness. Listen, there's nobody that racist and nobody that non-racist, nobody that good and nobody that bad, there's nobody that hates you so much and nobody that loves you so much. It's all the game. Stop being played and learn how to think for yourself and get the best out of it that you can get."

Kilpatrick currently lives in Georgia with his wife and two young children and runs the Movemental Ministry, a virtual ministry. He has said in the past that he hopes to return to Detroit full time.


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