Michigan's Anti-Karamo Faction Elects Pete Hoekstra Party Chair. Court Battle Awaits.

January 20, 2024, 2:06 PM

Ex-Congressman Peter Hoekstra

The internal battle inside the Michigan Republican Party rages on.

On Saturday, the anti-Kristina Karamo wing of the party elected former GOP Congressman Pete Hoekstra as the new party chair, the Detroit Free Press reports. Karamo still insists she's the party chair, in a conflict now playing out in court.

Paul Egan of the Freep writes: 

The anti-Karamo faction filed a lawsuit In Kent County Circuit Court late Friday in an attempt to force Karamo out of office. On Thursday, Karamo and her supporters sent "cease and desist" leaders to many of the leading dissenters, threatening legal action for copyright and trademark infringement, as well as defamation.

Read more:  Detroit Free Press

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