Metro Times: Kwame Kilpatrick's Wife Buys $807,000 House in Novi

January 20, 2024, 8:50 AM by  Allan Lengel

The Novi home (Photo: Steve Neavling of Metro Times)

Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick’s wife bought an $807,000 house in Novi last month, Metro Times reports.

The story by Steve Neavling was posted on Friday, the final day of Kilpatrick's probation. Metro Times reports that LaTicia Kilpatrick purchased the home through the Pathfinder Consulting Firm, a Warren-based company she owns. She took out a $645,600 mortgage.

Kilpatrick married LaTicia in 2021. The couple has two children.

Kilpatrick on Saturday declined to comment on whether the couple plans to move into the home or if it's an investment for his wife's business.

Kilpatrick told Deadline Detroit on Friday that his plan is to eventually move back to Detroit, but he was going to put that off for a while.

In 2021, he and his wife also started a virtual ministry, Movemental Ministries. Last November, he was named executive director of Taking Action for Good (TAG), a justice reform nonprofit based in the Memphis, Tenn. area. He still lives in Georgia and is doing both jobs, and goes to Memphis when necessary for his job at TAG.

A Dec. 20, 2023 letter from the U.S. Attorney's Office shows that Kilpatrick still owes $164,584.42 in restitution for his 2013 federal conviction. He says he plans to dispute that figure, but intends to pay whatever the restitution ends up being. 

Kilpatrick insists he no longer owes restitution to the city of Detroit for his plea agreement in 2008 that was part of a text messaging scandal. The Wayne County Circuit record says he still owes $854,062.60 as of Friday

"I don't owe any money to the state," he told Deadline Detroit on Friday, saying the restitution was discharged when he was paroled from the state. 

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy responded Friday in a statement to Deadline Detroit:

“Mr. Kilpatrick currently owes a very substantial amount of restitution to the City of Detroit that he was ordered by the court to pay in his state case. According to court records he has not paid anything since February 2013. It has recently come to our attention that Mr. Kilpatrick has a new job. Now that he has the means to pay, we will be taking action so that he will resume the payment of this outstanding debt to the citizens of Detroit.”

Former Assistant U.S. Attorney Anjali Prasad tells Metro Times that feds can put a lien on the Novi home to collect restitution even if it's under Kilpatrick's wife's name.


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