See something, say something: Blight gripe leads to Detroit chop shop bust

May 14, 2022, 12:32 PM

The cluttered residential yard four blocks west of Southfield Road. (Photos: WDIV video)

It started with a complaint Friday about stripped cars and parts cluttering a west-side Detroit neighborhood around a two-story home. It ended with an arrest and 23 vehicle seizures from an alleged chop shop.

When 6th Precinct officers responded to a Warrendale resident's call about blight outside a fenced yard on Faust Avenue near Tireman, they found that least three cars on a lawn near the enclosed junkyard were stolen, WDIV recounts. The Commercial Auto Theft Unit was notified and got a search warrant.

When officers got behind the fence, they found 23 vehicles in all.

"There were cars, SUVs, trailers and an RV," [precinct Commander Arnold] Williams said. ... "A lot of these vehicles should close a lot of cases for us and some of our neighboring police departments as well."

Commander Anthony Williams: "The community spoke up."

A man living in a stolen camper on the site was arrested and a stolen 9 mm handgun was seized, the commander added.

"The important part, and the part I truly want to emphasize, is that the community spoke up," Williams is quoted by Fox 2 News as saying. "The community actually notified us. They said 'it looks like something's wrong here, can you come out and investigate?'"

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