Hip-hop producer creates buzzy beat with Detroit bees

August 11, 2021, 1:49 PM

A Detroit producer pairs the sound of bees from a local nonprofit's hives with drums for an innovative beat.

The track is a collaboration between Nick Speed — who's made music for 50 Cent and Danny Brown, among others — and Detroit Hives, founded by two city natives in 2017.

Timothy Jackson and Nicole Lindsey are among several largescale beekeepers in Detroit and say they work "to create sustainable communities and bee populations by transforming vacant lots into pollinator friendly spaces." Wild bees help pollinate plants and urban gardens, but their numbers have declined.

Detroit Hives has a pollinator habitat in Brightmoor and apiary on East Warren. Its Instagram page tells followers to "Bee on the look out" for an upcoming project featuring the new tune.

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