Round 2: Detroit laughs harder in new drinking game

July 29, 2021, 4:36 PM

DaShuane Hawkins, a 28-year-old Detroiter who turned an offbeat idea into sales of about 700 novelty games a few months ago, is back for a second shot.

Lots of shots, actually. Her new creation, "It's Up There, Part II," is billed again as "the ultimate Detroit drinking game" for well-lubricated group gatherings. It has 108 cards that challenge players with a mix of Detroit lore, slang, music, trivia and humor.

DaShuane Hawkins, "game night queen"

Toss two back "if your baby daddy/momma is from the East Side," for instance. (Yes, Hawkins is a lifelong west-sider.) 

Last spring's $25 inaugural set has 72 cards. The larger sequel is boxed and has "upgraded card material for a longer-lasting card," its developer tells Deadline Detroit on Thursday. She charges $40 at her Detroit Baddie site and expects to start shipping by mid-August.

"I came up with the cards myself," Hawkins says in an online interview, "but the Detroit people -- my friends and family, the culture -- are my motivation behind the cards. ... I had an idea and decided to act on it. It has become even bigger than what I expected."

The young entrepreneur, a dance teacher who graduated from Northwestern High ('11) and the University of Michigan ('15), says she has long been her family's "game night queen."

Next up: A college version that's "in the works."

-- Alan Stamm


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