Ashley Gold Tells WDIV Why She Left 'Hardcore Pawn'

February 01, 2016, 6:30 AM by  Allan Lengel

Ashley Gold

Ashley Gold was among stars of "Hardcore Pawn," along with her father and brother. The TruTV show is taped at the family pawnshop, American Jewelry Loan on Greenfield in Detroit.

But she tells Karen Drew of WDIV that she had enough of the drama, and she was working too much, missing quality time with her husband and children, 8 and 10. She said she was  overweight and the whole lifestyle was taking a toll on her health.

So three months ago, the 38-year-old Oakland County resident left the family business and started Pawn Chick Shopping, a website that sells new jewelry.

"I get the latest fashion trend. I dress celebrities," she says.

WDIV shows her doing a weekly Pawnchick Radio podcast in which interviews celebrities.

She says she relishes her family roles: "I"m a mom. I was PTO president. I"m that mom that drives that carpool."

Gold says she doesn't miss the show, especially the craziness -- and credits that experience for teaching her to "negotiate, make deals, stand up for myself."

Watch WDIV's  4 1/2-minute video here

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