Andy Dillon's Women: 1 Claims Libel, Ex-Wife Says Her Facebook Post Is True

A new page is added as the state treasurer's colorful, lively personal life continues to play out publicly, Paul Egan reports in the Free Press.

The ex-wife of Michigan Treasurer Andy Dillon says she can’t be sued for libel for saying on Facebook that Dillon’s administrative assistant was having an affair with him because the allegation was “substantially true.”

Amy Hichez, a longtime top aide to Dillon, sued Dillon’s ex-wife, Carol Owens-Dillon, for libel in August. Hichez said in the lawsuit that her relationship with Dillon always has been professional and Owens-Dillon damaged her reputation when she falsely alleged on the Internet that Hichez and Dillon were having an affair.

Carol Owens-Dillon (Facebook photo)

In a legal response this week, Egan writes, Carol Dillon points to three items she says support her post:

  • A Christmas Day text message Hichez allegedly sent Dillon, saying she missed him.
  • A calendar entry that reportedly shows Hichez joined Dillon in Las Vegas three years ago.
  • Hichez “also made entries into Mr. Dillon’s official State of Michigan calendar where plaintiff reminded the treasurer of the State of Michigan that she was ‘40 and still hot.’ "

Owens-Dillon also alleges that after the text message on Christmas morning in 2011, Dillon told her that he and Hichez were in love, according to the Free Press.

The Dillons, parents of four children, divorced in March after more than 20 years of marriage.

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